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Health has been a problem for everyone. Everyone is dealing with click bait, social influencer "miracls", and misinforation. We are here to change that!
Body Database
Body Database

My name is Chris, creator of ApexMortals.

Personal Health gets a bad rap, but it shouldn’t. Personal Health should be revered.

It feels marvelous to achieve your ambitions, construct workouts for your goals, and understand the needs of your body! People used to live their lives this way. But things changed.

You started making choices that negatively affected your prosperity. You lost control of your "health voting power" to Supermarkets, Government, and Big Food. The market got flooded by crap food and demoralizing influencers. Government agencies, Instagram, Tyson, and countless others let it happen.

Making healthy choices almost seems impossible now. Eating portioned meals disparaged, creating time for workouts unthinkable, and knowledge of personal health brushed aside.

Yet we all strive to become the best possible version of ourselves. To improve on our previous self's version, this is how we rise. By taking care of personal welfare we become happier, gain opportunities, and move up the equity ladder.

For everyone, the magic’s still there. It’s just obscured, buried underneath a mess of bad habits and neglect. Some of it's from misinformation, some of it's from society, but most of it's from people.

The perception of human health deserves a dust off, a renovation, a modernization for the way we take care of our bodies.

With ApexMortals, this is our purpose. It’s a redo, a rethink, a simplified potent reintroduction of personal health. A fresh start, the way it should be.

Apex is our love letter to the human race, and we’re sending it to you on the Web, with plans to launch on Android and iOS.

We are still in our infant stages of growing the platform. However, we strive to provide the most effective tools for everyone to take back control. Including ambitions to introduce hardware; to increase your growth.

Join us at ApexMortals and discover your potential!